HLA serves a diverse clientele, from public to private, and small to large, and has established relationships with local, state, and federal governments, regulatory agencies, economic development partners, and chambers of commerce. Our professional relationships are the bedrock of the organization and highly valued.

Being located in a coastal environment, it is important to approach each project uniquely and consider all of the land sensitivities early in the process. HLA offers a single-source approach for seamless coordination efforts.

Our full-service firm guides Client projects from site selection, due diligence, master planning, surveying, stormwater analysis and design, site engineering, utility planning, and landscape architecture. We welcome partnerships and understand the importance of outside collaboration with architects, and consultants in geotechnical, traffic, historic resources, and environmental fields.

Site improvement Services in Charlesotn, SC

Site Surveying

Site Surveying & Analysis, Geodetic Surveying, Photogrammetry, Title & Deed Research, Topographical, Hydrological, Foundation, Mortgage, ALTA / ASCM, Wetland, Critical Line, Boundary, Mapping, As-builts, GPS, Tree Species Survey, Utility Line Corridors, Hydrographic, Subdivision, Construction Staking, Roadway Staking

Land Planning

Site Feasibility Studies, Site Analysis, Land Use Master Planning, Wetland Master Planning, Zoning Research, Design Guidelines, & Master Planning Studies

Civil Enginnering

Roadway Design, Public Road Dedication, Drainage Studies & Design, Infrastructure Design, Potable Water & Sanitary Sewer, Stormwater Management, Subdivision Variances, Floodplain Analysis, Stormwater Collection Systems, & Sediment Erosion Control Design

Landscape Architecture

Park & Recreation Design, Landscape Design, Hardscape Design, Circulation Design, Resource Management, Brownfields, Re-Zonings, Annexations, Zoning Variances, Amenity Design, & Streetscape Design

Wetland Permitting,
Full Entitlements & Other Services

Wetland Permit Drawings, Army Corps of Engineers Permits, Wetland Permit Modification, Restrictive Covenants Preparation & Amendments, Public Hearings, NPDES Permitting, Scheduling, Technical Review Committee (TRC), Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), Coastal Zone Consistence (CZC), SC DHEC Bureau of Water, SC DHEC OCRM, Construction Plans & Documents, Engineering Closeout Services, Project Management, Engineering Compliance Inspections, Bid Documents & Assistance

HLA Presentation Graphics

Presentation Graphics

Aerial Graphics, Illustrative Graphics, Color Renderings, Plan Graphics, Concept Plans, Sketch-up Graphics, Freehand Sketches, Perspective Drawings, & Photoshop

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